Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100 - ReVolt ROM JellyBean [4.2.2][Custom - ROM]

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    [ROM][JB 4.2.2][AOKP/CM10.1/PA] ReVolt JB I9100 [Ver.4.4][01/07][Hybrid+AROMA+PIE]



    ReVolt v4.4 - STABLE - JellyBean 4.2.2 - Netload
    ReVolt v4.4 - STABLE - JellyBean 4.2.2 - Share-Online

    Google Apps


    If coming from older ReVolt ROM:
    1-Wipe Cache
    2-Wipe Dalvik-Cache
    3-Flash ReVolt JB ROM
    4-Wipe Cache
    5-Wipe Dalvik-Cache
    --IF NIGHTLY--
    6-Flash Latest Android 4.2.2 Google Apps
    7-Reboot & Enjoy !

    If coming from anything other than ReVolt ROM:
    1-Wipe Data
    2-Wipe Cache
    3-Wipe Dalvik-Cache
    4-Flash ReVolt JB ROM
    5-Wipe Cache
    6-Wipe Dalvik-Cache
    --IF NIGHTLY--
    7-Flash Latest Android 4.2.2 Google Apps
    8-Reboot & Enjoy !


    Built from ReVolt Sources | Based on Android 4.2.2 JellyBean
    ROM Control Features (from AOKP)
    Hybrid Engine | Paranoid Preferences (Thanks to PA Team)
    AOKP Ribbons
    Updates Center | GooManager (With Push Notifications)
    CyanogenMod Profiles
    Power Widget
    AROMA Installer
    Notification Shortcuts
    Navigation Bar Color
    Status Bar Color
    Option to select Saving Location in Camera
    Option to control cursor in text fields using volume keys
    Multi User Option
    Advanced Phone Options from CyanogenMod (Vibrate on Answer, Every 45 Sec., On Call waiting and Hangup)
    Different Pattern Sizes
    Apex Launcher
    Nova Launcher
    Trebuchet Launcher (ReVolt Version)
    cLock App (Lock Clock) (CyanogenMod)
    Expanded Desktop (Hide StatusBar & Navigation Bar)
    Pie UI (Paranoid Android)
    Font Size Controlling
    DorimanX Kernel
    TouchWizUX Launcher
    DPI Changer
    CRT On / Off Effect Controller
    Lock Screen Targets (CyanogenMod)
    Lock Screen Shortcuts (Paranoid Android)


    Version 4.4:

    1- Added support for various devices (officially support over 25 devices now !)
    -m7ul, m7tmo, m7att, m7spr, jfltecan, jfltetmo, jfltespr, jflteusc, jfltevzw, jflteatt, and more !!
    2- Added BAMF Theme Engine
    3- Memory Leak Fixes (in frameworks_base and in frameworks_native)
    4- Various updates and fixes for HTC One users
    5- Addition of HALO multi-window notification system (By PA)
    6- ReVoltControl has been added :
    - ReVolt Control is an application based on ROMControl (By AOKP) which features various features specially for ReVolt ROM
    7- Added Welcome app to help users know the ROM
    8- Added option to share with people you use ReVolt ROM (In Settings => About Phone)
    9- ReVoltLauncher has been added with various features
    10- Replace CircleMOD with CM's Circle Battery with more functions
    11- Added Rush Battery (Thanks to Rootbox)
    12- Update Roboto Font (From Android 4.3)
    13- LTE Toggle Fixes
    14- Add Network Speed Indicator (Thanks to Team ThinkingBridge)
    15- Added TeamBACKED's Toggle colouring system (Thanks to them and daxxmax)
    16- Added HALO Colourizing engine (Thanks to daxxmax)
    17- Halo could save it's place and can be disabled
    18- MultiUser Selector has been cleaned up
    19- Add 2G/3G option to Profile Connections
    20- Added Music Toggle
    21- Option to launch apps from Recents in Floating mode
    22- Privacy Guard has been added
    23- More Pie Options and optimizations
    24- Various fixes and deadlock fixes
    25- Fix Lockscreen FC/Reboot
    26- Option to pause Underlaying app in Halo
    27- Fix BatteryBar showing in all 3 places at same time
    28- More Battery Friendly
    29- New Auto-Brightness Controlling system
    30- Lockscreen see Through
    31- Low Battery Sound Policy Controller
    32- Show date on 2 lines in Notification Center
    33- Pie : Angle Chooser
    34- Smoother and Faster Notification pull down
    35- AOKP Ribbons updated
    36- Fix Tablet UI Battery showing 0%
    37- WirelessADB Toggle
    38- AOKP Ribbons Toggles
    39- Fix IME Switcher staying on top
    40- Fix StayAwake Toggle
    41- Don't Enable WiFi when AirPlane Mode is on
    42- Added Hybrid Toggle
    43- Added ReVolt Statistics
    44- Added Hardware Key Remapping
    45- Add CMFileManager (Except for AROMA Devices)
    46- Add Apollo Music Player (Except for AROMA Devices)
    47- ReVoltLauncher support Per-App-Color
    48- MMS Updates
    49- More Features added to Camera (Except for Nexus Devices_
    50- Update Dark ReVolt for EMail app and add it for Calculator
    51- HTC One users have a powerful kernel
    52- Use PA's Custom Kernel for Nexus 4 Users
    53- Fix Grouper Build and Fix n7000 and n7100 builds
    54- Added optimizations for mako users
    55- Specific Fixes and features for devices
    56- Gesture Lockscreen Added
    57- Add Custom Lockscreen BackGround option
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