Desire [ROM][New Sense][11 Jan]RCMixHD v0.15 1.72.405.3 A2SD+ Internal Core, Lightning Quick

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    Hello Flashmaniacs [​IMG]

    Lightning quick ? hehe i just had to! lol


    have to pick up my son now, so have to run!

    This rom is based on ORANGE WWE RUU

    RCS Team presents

    RCS MixHD
    --- No screens, but nice movies by Invade, nice man, thanks! [​IMG] ---

    and below, some screens of The Very FAST DeSensenized [​IMG]

    • Base - WWE 1.84.661.1
    • Deodexed
    • RCMixHD kernel, lightning fast, #39 Thx Coutts and Neo !
      Overclock with SetCpu
    • Screen on Smartass 384-998 MHz
    • Screen off Powersave 245-384 MHz
    • DSP Manager
    • Busybox, Root, Superuser...
    • Cyanogen A2SD script, moves both apps and dalvik to ext
    • Ownheres newest Data2Ext script v8.8 *New
    • Melethrons Data2Whatever script
    • Camera and camcorder working.
    • Zipaligned
    • 720p playback works
    • Video streaming works fine too Thanks to ownhere
    • Gingerbread IME
    • HD IME without arrows.
    • Added handwriting
    • Modded Power Menu Thanx seo
    • Custom Semitransparent Notification area
    • Rom Manager
    • ext4, tun, cif, etc... all modules are there, insmod when needed.
    • Host file from 13th january. Moved to data/etc/ should be good to update. *fixed permissions for that too.
    • Moved bootanimation/downanimation to data/local for easier change... is it easier?
    • Languages supported:
      English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Polish, Portuguese, Slovakian, Russian, Romanian, Hungarian, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, Czech, Greek, Turkish, Chinese, Thai, Japan, Korean, Vietnam,Bulgarian Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian
    Notes: *Read this part!! [​IMG]
    • The RCMixHD v3.0 D2WE uses melethrons data2whatever script, which need one ext partition, can be ext2/3 or ext4. Recommended 1-1.5GB ext3/4
    • The RCMixHD v3.0 D2EXT uses ownheres data2ext v8.5 script, recommended partition layout is (works without swap and with one ext partition too):
      Fat + 1GB Ext4 + 0.3GB Ext4 + 0.1GB Swap (ext partitions will by formated as ext4 automaticly)
    • The first boot takes long time due the data2ext setup process, it stays on the first splash screen (why so serious or htc) for couple of minutes, stay calm [​IMG]
    • Nandroid backup isn't working with 2.0.0 or older Versions of Amon Ra. There is a newer Version available in this post. Clockwork does also work. Thanks melethron for that info. *New
    • If you are curious of what your phone is doing, if it has freezed or if it is still alive, connect your phone to usb and do adb logcat from terminal, then report what is going on...
    • In the begining the rom can feel laggy, it is caused by all your app beeing downloaded and synced
    • Overclock with SetCpu, overclock widget from market.
      Be cautious when overclocking, do it always with small steps!
    • If you have problems installing the rom, try to repartition your sd card, make a full wipe and try to install it again.
    • Restoring a titanium backup may cause some FC, use with caution.
    • More FAQ and info in 2nd post, (working in progress there, hints appreciated [​IMG])

    Known bugs:
    • Everything should be fine! [​IMG]

    • Full wipe required due different structure of the rom.
    • A2SD version - Fat + Ext3/4, 0.5-1.5GB recommended.
    • D2WE version - Fat + Ext3/4, 1-1.5GB recommended.
    • D2EXT version - Fat + Ext4 + Ext4 + Swap (fat+1GB+0.3GB+0.1GB) recommended, but works without swap and with one ext partition too.
      Check this post how to partition your sd-card
    • DATA++ version - Fat + Ext3/4 1-1.5GB recommended. (custom MTD needed)

    Changelog (click for older changelog and downloads):

    • Fixed broken apps (navigation, phone...)
    • calling hopefully fixed
    • flash fixed
    • ...

    • Fully optimized, fits into internal memory

    • New safer Data2Ext script by ownhere v9.3
    • Weather update should work now
    • some updates on the libs

    • New base
    • Rotating as the Z rom
    • Updated Data2Ext script
    • ...sorry dont remember :/

    What is what:
    • Rotated = HD rom with rotating home as in the Z rom
    • DeSensenized = HD rom without rosie (the sense launcher) and all sense widgets, clean and fast as a aosp rom, but with all sense goodies left, as HTC Facebook integration, Locations, dialer, DLNA functions etc.etc.





    Thank you:
    • Capychimp, the C in RCTeam[​IMG]
    • snq- for fixing the Camera and other things, You are the MAN!
    • Ownehere for his great work and great scripts!
    • Pyr0x64 for deodexing all roms [​IMG]
    • m-deejay
    • Frozen-GPU
    • xangma
    • Villain Team
    • Dsixda for a great kitchen
    • 7ymekk and mozarcika for QtADB, a great tool for those without ADB knowledge... Greate!
    • Danne_jo hehe
    • Everyone else i forgot now... (PM me if i forgot you[​IMG])

    Very special thanks for the donators [​IMG]:
    Please PM me if the name is wrong or if i forgot to add someone, so i can give proper credit.
    Antoine, Colin, Adrian, sp00ge, osi666, Peter, Dariusz, Chris, colin, phillipenzo, skippy68220, Petar, Barnabas, paulove x2, jeroenpico, rodus, christopher, Tjard, Mikhail, beanbean50 x3, 160bpm x2, dcfowler, Martin, Petar, Grzegorz, Jesper, Henrik, Rumball, Josch, Stian, xfalax x2, Paweł, Mario, alphaola, Mitsuru, Sascha, Trevor, Norbert, follettoverde, olesys, Tsuneku, andrew, Jari, Dominic, andi3g, tma24, Marco, Flashmaniac, gasik7, Lars v H, Andreas, Jann, Sternmann1, Markus, Nosrulz, jeandujardin, Jiri
    * * * THANK YOU GUYS !!! * * *

    For older roms, check post 4.

    If you like the rom, give it a star [​IMG]
    if you're planning to get dropbox for android,
    please be one of the first 24 that use this link,
    if you use that link both me and you will get 250mb space extra! (its free)
    Vodka shots/donations appreciated [​IMG]


    Hab gesehen das es zu RCMixHD noch keinen Thread gibt. Hier also der Thread. Wer testet die neue Version denn mal ? Handelt sich übrigends um die Old Fasion also die App2SD Version. Von der Data2SD Version gibt es noch keine neue Version.​
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    Tcha, da haben wir mal wieder das altbekannte Problem aus der Version 0.13. Das Teil fährt nämlich mal wieder selbst nach dem 4. mal installieren nicht hoch. Keine Ahnung wie es bei euch aussieht, aber bei mir kommt einfach nicht der Bootscreen. Keine Ahnung woran es diesmal wieder liegt. Naja spiel ich eben mein Backup wieder ein, was solls
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    15. Aug. 2008
    UPDATE: Version 2.0 erschienen, und nun funktioniert auch die 720p Aufnahme
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