iOS [Review] Software: "MCleaner 1.4.2" (Blacklist)

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    Manage your sms and call for your iPhone, and block those you don't want automatically.

    # Main functions:
    1. Filter incoming call and sms.
    # 2. Support "black" and "white" lists.
    # 3. Five block modes to hangup the call.
    # 4. Set a profile to change MCleaner filter policy quickly.
    # 5. Scheduler mode for regular event.
    # 6. Protect user's privacy by password and automatically move outgoing logs of blacklist to MCleaner's private log database.
    # 7. Option to fake data when wrong password is input (and not null).
    # 8. AutoReply to blocked calls using SMS .
    # 9. Ability to block the hidden number.
    # 10. You can define your own schedule, profile .etc.

    MCleaner is a firewall apps for iPhone, which can block the incoming call and SMS, it's easy to use and good for you when you are busy, constantly in important meetings or discussions. The downloads and set-up is very simple, and you will get rid of all the unwanted calls and SMS.
    Note1: MCleaner for iPhone has been updated to 1.4.2, with bug fixed and new function as "New Blicked Call and SMS Vibrate" added. For the existing customers, please update to latest version ( it is free ).For the new version needs your IMEI number to register, please send your IMEI number to us.
    Note2: At the present,MCleaner only support 2G iPhone 1.1.1-1.1.4.We are developing MCleaner for iPhone 2.0 and 3G iPhone,it will be finished in 1-2 month.Updating is totally free to our customers.

    Bald also auch für 2.0 ;)


    Mcleaner for iPhone??downloads best iPhone call blocking and sms reject

    Schaut nett aus,aber ich warte lieber auf ne freeware wie "iBlacklist" auf 1.1.2
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    Die Software hat ein nettes Design und ist logisch angeordnet.

    Außerdem ist der Funktionsumfang recht groß.

    Ich würde die Software sogar der Blacklist bevorzugen.

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