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    Hallo Zusammen!
    Für alle die ihr 5800 noch mehr modden wollen oder ihre eigen CFW kochen wollen, werde ich hier nach und nach so einige nette Dinge präsentieren!
    Heute fange ich mal mit einigen Effects an!


    *smooth rotation with pop out options*

    *All the above with nice menu transitions*

    *Zoom 2 by dener*

    *Blue atumn by Dener*

    *Haze by Dener*

    *City by Dener*

    *Red autumn by Dener*

    *Optimized effects for 5800 by Mr G*

    all the above with zoom menu transitions

    all the above with haze menu transitions

    *Swipe fx pack*
    it has the swipe from the homescreen through the menus

    *swipe + zoom + pop up *
    before i go about my day, a bit of swipe zoom and popup like on the dialer

    *flipping mental fx* 90' flip screen transition
    smooth rotate as menu transitions.

    *swipe style rotation (its very nice)*
    you can change rotation type
    turn off theme effects and c2z, enable open4all and put in c\resourse\effects. click yes when it asks u to overwrite, re enable c2z, rotate display and turn theme effects on. now rotate again and there u have it.

    *5800 default fx*(Thanks DM)
    fifty eight hundred and ninety seven style

    *Mixed grill*
    bacon, beans, zoom,egg, 5800, swipe,tomatoes,flippin mental, toast.

    this one is swanky, quite chuffed actually, done it completely on my phone, even modding the kmls and a couple of my own effects. god bless xplore and the power of these symbian phones.

    *Flying Cherry (leaves)*
    this is just a repack of flying cherry, leaving out the things that dont work and adding the bits needed, a bit slow its quite heavy on resources but lush graphics and killer options popups ( CompOptionsMenuMain_default / CompOptionsMenuCascade_default)

    *Swanky curtains*
    credits to DM uv been a big help. pal ur obsessed with curtains lol

    *Swanky and Mixed grill with 5800 animated app loader*
    heres swanky and mixed grill with 5800 animated app loader, i moved it a bit in potrait as it was over the new message icon, and added a nifty effect.

    *Starscream*(With new animated lists)
    been experimenting tonight, trying to get stars working properly here and there, heres what ive done so far, using stefs graphics (hope u dont mind dude), and some other effects iv patched together.
    the update of starscream includes homescreen and a few bits here and there.

    Needforweed sponsored by daveyp haha thank you to stef once again used some of his images and optx for doing a weed effects pack long before me. might be a little cranky its kinda at the limits now of what n97 can handle tidy i think. anyway its still a work in progress i suppose,

    *IBOW fx*(Thanks Monotask)

    quite fast but still with a little sparkle, made it mostly on my phone while i been working nights haha,

    *Trapezium* without the sparkles dudes

    *Southpark pack*
    Regards Monotask

    **Ultimate**(Thanks MrG)

    *Fast And Stylish*(Thanks dydycy1)

    *Mash Up*(Thanks Havock)

    *personalize*(Thanks Pipen79)

    *Rotation by kibo*

    *Flux by Dscobsct*
    only a handful of particles, i concentrated more on kml modding,
    hope you all like it Very Happy

    and without particles

    *Infinity by Dscobsct*
    its called infinty, just a simple tidy pack but
    u really need to have a look at the smoothness of some of these effects.
    for this one have your default .sel in c\resourse\skins\101f84b9

    *ZoomExtreme by Dscobsct*
    very smooth, iphone smooth!! effects for ur n97
    put your default .sel from z\resource\skins\101f84b9 to the same place on c
    load up and enjoy

    *Swerve by Mr G*
    Here they are......2 versions of 'Swerve', a mix of various effects packages but it mainly consists of the excellent 'Swanky'!
    The only difference in the two packages is the effects when exiting the menu and opening an open app, the effects are just swapped around on 'Swerve 2'.
    Particle fans, sorry but theres none here.

    *Atlantis by Dscobsct*
    Super smooth, along the same lines as Zoom Extreme but with faster effects.
    enjoy guys

    *Pipens Remix by Pipen79*
    With a little time to achieve a new effect, but rather was to mix two effects and liked a lot, I hope you like it works and is a pleasure to participate in the best post of SF.

    *Fresh By Mr G*

    *Minimal By Dscobsct*
    Words from Dscobsct.
    right ive been playing around, trying to get effects running as smoothe as i can, its nothing special, but it does run smoother.
    its got a modded manifest specially for n97 v20, doesnt mean to say this pack wont work on other phones, but ive cut a lot of kml's out that dont agree with the kinetic scrolling and further reduced recourses

    *'Hype! By Mr G*

    Add this manifest to any of your existing effects packs to give it a super turbo boost in speed and smoothness!!!

    Videos dazu:




    All credits to the original developers, modders and Thanks to DonMC & Mr.G. & PNHT Team!!!

    Special Thanx to

    Download: FAQ4Mobiles - Downloads - KastorUI Theme FX Transition Effects Paket für N97

    Gruss Clusterhead
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    Hallo Zusammen!
    Hier ein weiterer Baustein zum modden des 5800. Diesmal ist es das ICON Pack von Zylam Marex:

    1 .Copy "appshelldata.xml" to C:\Private\101F4CD2\Content replace the one already there (back it up first)

    2. Make a directy C:\Data\Zylam\Apps and copy both "FlahornSystem.mif" and "NokiaOVI.mif" there.

    3. Restart your phone.

    This mod will change the icons of
    -Share online
    -Settings wizard
    -My Nokia
    -Video centre
    -Accessory setup
    -Phone switch

    To match the rest of the Touch Icons. Thanks to Flahron for the Icons.


    Firmware V21 - Download Firmware V21 file from attachments

    Nokia has fixed some icons in the newer firmware but theres still a few left.

    1 .Copy "appshelldata.xml" to C:\Private\101F4CD2\Content replace the one already there (back it up first)

    2. Make a directy C:\Data\Zylam\Apps and copy both "FlahornSystem.mif" and "NokiaOVI.mif" there.

    3. Restart your phone.

    This mod will change the icons of
    -Share online
    -My Nokia
    -Video centre
    -Accessory setup
    -Settings Wizard

    To match the rest of the Touch Icons. Once again thanks to Flahron for the Icons.


    IMPORTANT: There is a side effect that the above mentioned icons will not change with themes, i have
    tried to make it work but its just not possiable unless nokia changes some settings.

    So to overcome this problem whenever you apply a theme thats not with Touch Icons just rename the "Apps"
    folder you created in C:\Data\Zylam\Apps rename "Apps" to "Appss" or something different, when you restart
    your phone the icons will change with themes. To bring the mod back name it back to "Apps" and restart

    Download: FAQ4Mobiles - Downloads - 5800 ICON Mod Pack by Zylam Marex

    Special Thanks to: Zylam Marex

    Gruss Clusterhead


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    Hi ihr Modding Künstler!

    Hier geht es jetzt an`s Eingemachte! Ich empfehle euch sehr, ganz genau aufzupassen, was ihr da alles verändert, denn dieses hier sind Modding Files die direkt mit den Funktionen des Handys zusammenhängem. Also äusserste Vorsicht ist unbedingt angebracht!

    1. New Improved KS - Improves Kinetic Scrooling to a great extent and makes the phone faster
    Location: rofs2\Private\10202be9

    2. Bootscreen - Edit the file to change stastup sound and bootscreen image location
    Location: rofs2\Private\10202be9

    3. Cache Increase - Edit the files to change cache size and more
    Location: rofs2\sys\bin\data

    4. Default Ringtone - Edit the file to change the default ringtone path and name
    Location: rofs2\Private\10202be9

    5. Camera-Quality - Improves Camera Quality a lot
    Location: rofs2\Private\10202be9

    6. Camera-Sound - Mutes the camera sound when the warning tones in profiles are turned off
    Location: rofs2\Private\10202be9

    7. - Disables auto startup of applications like clock, messages, log etc (Saves RAM)
    Location: rofs2\resource

    8. Landscape-HS - Enables landscape in homescreen
    Location: rofs2\Private\10202be9

    9. Cache Drive Change - Changes cache location from C: to E:
    Location: rofs2\Private\10202be9

    10. Menu - Adds custom folder icons to menu (Folders like Navigation, tools etc)
    Location: rofs2\Private\10202be9

    11. Gallery - Edit the file to change what folders are monitored by Gallery folders
    Location: rofs3\Private\10202be9

    12. Default Theme - Edit this file to change the default theme(sound waves) to any theme that gets applied automatically
    during a hard reset
    Location: rofs3\Private\10202be9

    13. Custom version - Edit the file to change the custom version name of your CFW and even the date installed
    Location: rofs3/resource/versions

    14. Folder Creations - Edit this files and change commands as in Windows Command Prompt to make your 5800 automatically create custom folders of your choice in MMC and Phone memory after a hard reset.
    Location: rofs2/private/10202be9

    15. Rom Patcher - Put the file in given location to make RomPatcherLite in your CFW autostart.
    Location: rofs2/resource/

    16. Busy Circle - Just place in given location to have a new busy circle over your running applications in your menu.
    (It's a tiny blue black coloured curve instead of the default booring green busy circle)
    Location: rofs2/resource/apps

    17. Zylam Marex Menu - Use this mod to change your default menu and folder icons.
    Use as instructed in the zip file
    [The No. 10 - Menu is also a good alternative to this, try it] Wink

    18. Application policy - Edit this file to change user capabilities and application installation settings
    Location: rofs2/system/data

    19. Stop Nokia SMS - Place this file in given location to stop your phone from automatically sending SMS to Nokia after a
    flash or hard reset operation
    Location: rofs2/sys/bin

    20. All - Contains all available Rom Patcher patches for Nokia 5800
    I placed this folder directly on Z drive. Rom Patcher works perfectly fine and till now I
    faced zero reboot problem!

    21. MIF - Use this tool to make MIF easily. Create your own splashscreens and shutdown screens

    22. Hidden Menu - Extra shortcuts in Menu: Connection manager, Themes, Profiles
    Location: rofs2/private/10202be9

    23. Music Player - Music player reads only E:/Music, create the folder and place your music files there!
    Location: rofs2/private/10202be9

    24. Java permision - Look into app manager/installed/"your installed Java apps'/options, see everything is always
    allowed and no more anoying notificatons!
    Location: Use as directed in the ZIP file

    25. Widget security disable - Disable annoying widgets security warnings
    Location: Use as directed in the ZIP file

    26. File Transfer - Place this file in given location to get all received files directly on E:/Received. Don't forget to create the
    folder "Received" in your MMC. Or you may edit the file as you like
    Location: rofs2/private/10202be9

    27. Multi - IMPORTANT: This mod is an updated and combined version of Mods No.15 and No. 19
    Use this Mod instead of No.15 and No.19 Mods
    Place the two files in given location and get these results:
    1. RomPatcher Autostart
    2. No Nokia SMS sending after hard reset or flash
    3. Fast Boot up (Optimized for speed)
    4. More free RAM on startup (I got 70.12 MB)
    Location: rofs2/resource
    Note: Remove welcome2.exe from rofs2/sys/bin if it's there. I did't like the idea of a dead "Phone
    Setup" icon on menu. The Nokia Welcome or Phone Setup application in menu will work....only it
    will not autostart and send sms automatically after a hard reset or a flash. I did this so that you
    can use the "Phone Setup" application if you need later..

    28. Lock Unlock - No more vibrations now when lock unlock screen with side key even when vibrations are turned on in profiles Location: rofs2/private/10282BC4

    Place supplied files in given locations. Whichever file needs editting edit those your own way and place in correct location.

    Extract the modding rar file then there will b all files for modding for one by one modding.

    Download: FAQ4Mobiles - Downloads - FW & System Modding Files by Upakul + GOC

    Very Special Thanx to: UPAKul
    Special Thanx to: GOC

    Thanx to: Persian Forum

    Gruss Clusterhead
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    Hallo Zusammen!
    Hier mal wider einige Modding Files für eure eigene CFW. Und wie immer: Aufgepasst was ihr verändert! Denn es kann schneller etwas daneben gehen, als man denk!

    29. Improved Camera Sound - Use this mod to remove camera beep (taking photos and video) when warning tones in profiles
    are ON!!!
    Location: Read the help file in the zip for details

    31. Improved Caching - This mod is an updated version of No.3 Mod.Use this Mod instead of mod No.3
    Place files in given location for improved caching on all drives
    Location: rofs2/sys/data

    32. Heap Size - This Mod Increases System Memory Heap Size and decreases Application Delay and Close Time
    Location: rofs2/private/10202D56

    33. Camera mute Mod - Another alternative to mute the camera sound even when warning tones are ON!
    (Stick to "Camera 1" as camera capture tone)
    Location: rofs2/system/ (thanks naughtypope)

    33. Information: Tips for changing default ringtone:
    1. Either use mod No.4 supplied here and then edit the file to target to your ringtone file
    2. Or convert your favourite to "aac" format and place in rofs2/data/sounds/digital and rename it as "Nokia tune.aac"
    3. If you want Gasolina as default use "" and place files in rofs2/data/sounds/digital (Thx naughtypope)

    34. Fixed Get 5 Homescreens for Nokia 5800
    1. Contacts Bar
    2. Full Page (6 icons)
    3. Finger Use (8 icons)
    4. Navigation Bar (Satio)
    5. Omnia HD (Basic)

    36. BT Name - Edit this file and change the default Bluetooth name "Nokia 5800 XpressMusic" any name of your choice!
    Change it and see...
    Location: rofs2/private/100069CC

    37. Open - Pressing and holding the menu key for sometime opens up the Open Applications Dialog.
    Edit this file to change "Open Applications:" text to any test of your choice. Be carefull, use 18 leters only!
    Location: rofs2/resource
    Note: Look Lines "6db0" and "6dca" using Hex Editor and change!! Best of Luck!!

    38. Sensor - This mod is an upgrage to default sensor controls of Nokia 5800.
    After applying this mod open sensor settings and see. By using this mod you will be able to silence
    calls and snooze alarms just by shaking your phone[/b]
    Location: Use this mod as directed in the zip file.

    39. Multi Mod - For better performance and RAM the voice commands and some less used processes weredissabled in many CFWs available out here. It's also done in Mod No. 27 (Multi Mod).
    But If anyone wants Voice Commands back in action then use this mod. But remember you will
    have to compromise with your RAM. All functions of (Multi will also be available in this Mod. The
    only change is that Voice Commands will work..
    Location: rofs2/resource

    40. Copy - Edit this file to determine which files are copied from Z drive to C drive after Hard reset or flash.
    You can also add your own folders in this file which will be automically created after hardreset.
    This Mod can also be used to improve free space on C drive
    If Mod No. 14 dosen't work for you. use this Mod instead
    Location: rofs2/private/100059C9/ (Thx Maler)

    Downbase: FAQ4Mobiles - Downloads - Modding Files by OMI

    Place supplied files in given locations. Whichever file needs editting edit those your own way and place in correct location

    Special Thanx to: OMI and Maler

    Gruss Clusterhead
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    Hallo Zusammen!
    Hier nur ein kleines Update mit 3 wichtigen Tools, um die .fpsx und Rofs3 Dateien bearbeiten zu können.

    1. .fpsx entpacken mit der NokiaExtractor.exe
    2. bearbeiten und editieren der .img file mit MagicISO (Trial version)
    3. erstellen der Rofs3 mit der RofsViewer.exe

    Download: FAQ4Mobiles - Downloads - Tools zum bearbeiten von .fpsx und Rofs3 Dateien

    Gruss Clusterhead
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    6. Jan. 2010
    Und kann man das alles auch auf dem Nokia N97 so umstellen?
  7. Clusterhead

    Clusterhead Guest

    Nein, dies sind alles nur Modding Dateien für das 5800. Für das N97 braucht man teilweise ganz andere Dateien!

    Gruss Clusterhead
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    Hallo Zusammen!
    Hier ein Patch der es ermöglicht 3 weitere Icons auf dem Homescreen zu erstellen!

    Und zwar:

    - Menu
    - Numeric Keypad
    - Modo

    *Wenn euer Handy gehackt ist einfach die .TXT file nach C:\Private\10202BE9 kopieren.
    *Wenn das Handy nicht gehacket ist: SIS Datei signieren und installieren!

    Änderungen werden erst nach einem Neustart sichtbar!


    Die Icons lassen sich auch noch weiter editieren und somit ändern:

    You need change the UID in color red

    Left Icon:

    0x102F string

    "localapp:0x101F4CD2" 0 cap_rd=alwayspass cap_wr=alwaysfail

    "localapp:0x102072c3" (UID Music Player)

    Right Icon:

    0x1035 string
    "localapp:0x100058F8" 0 cap_rd=alwayspass cap_wr=alwaysfail

    "localapp:0xa0000bcd" (X-plore UID)

    You can get UIDs with Taskman

    Download: FAQ4Mobiles - Downloads - 3 Extra Touch Icons on 5800 HomeScreen

    Thanks to steven25

    Gruss Clusterhead


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    Hallo Zusammen!

    Hier ein kleiner Hack, um bei eurem 5800, die Symbole und Sonerzeichen zu erweitern!
    Getestet beim 5800. Ob es auch unter dem N97 funktioniert? Müsste jemand von euch probieren!
    Natürlich geschieht das alles auf eigene Gefahr und wir übernehmen keinerlei haftung, bei eventl. Problemem!

    Wanna use ☺☻♥ ♠ symbols in your text msg, follow the steps bellow...

    1. Download the attached Text File
    2. Copy to your phone (any memory)
    3. Open X-plore n select dis file and press-8 to edit the .txt file
    4. Select the Characters as shown in the screenshot2(ignore the ? marks-select all) and press PENCIL key to copy
    5. Now exit xplore and Go to new text message composer
    6. Paste the selected characters in the text field and save the msg in DRAFTS(screenshot 1)
    7. Now all done...You don need the .txt file anymore-delete it
    8. You can use these symbols by simply opening the draft and select the symbols (say Heartin ♥ symbol) and paste in your new txt msg...Have FUN...

    Special Thanx to: @malarmannan

    Update: Und wem das noch nicht genügt, hier direkt noch ein paar mehr!
    Siehe Bild 3 + 4 Sms Symbols Extended

    P.S.: User berichten, das es auch auf dem N73 funktioniert!

    Gruss Clusterhead


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    24. Nov. 2007
    die sms erweiterung funktioniert allerdings nur wenn der empfänger die selbe mod hat sonst kommt nur geschnörkel an bzw. jede menge leerzeichen . getestet von 5800 auf e71
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    12. Apr. 2008
    wann wird dieser thread endlich oben im board angepinnt ?
  12. Clusterhead

    Clusterhead Guest


    Und schon ist Dein Wunsch in Erfüllung gegangen!

    Gruss Clusterhead
  13. Clusterhead

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    Hallo Zusammen!
    Beim bummeln durchs Web ist mir diese Anleitung über den Weg gelaufen, in der gezeigt wird, was Änderungen in der Appshell so bringen!

    ACHTUNG: Das hier ist genaustens zu lesen und man sollte vorher unbedingt ein Backup der Daten / Ordner anlegen, denn dabei kann ganz schnell etwas daneben gehen!

    This guide is intended to show how to obtain a main menu with custom structure and custom folders in our cfws (as in the screenshots below - check the icons for Media, GPS and Office folders)

    !! For safety reasons, don't skip this step !!
    On your hacked phone, use a file browser and copy the C:\Private\101F4CD2\Content\appshelldata.xml to another location on your phone/mmc as a backup. Also, put RomPatcher and the file browser shortcuts on the homescreen; why? When testing the file, if it's edited bad, the main menu won't work anymore, so this way you can restore the original file.

    These are the actual steps:

    1. On the phone, create and arrange folders and icons as you want. Rename the custom folders in such way so you can recognize them easily when editing the file on the pc.

    2. Copy C:\Private\101F4CD2\Content\appshelldata.xml to your pc

    3. Check this link for the special folders UIDs: UID List of Nokia System Folders. Not all those UIDs work for 5800.
    Forum Nokia Wiki

    4. Edit the file with any text editor as follows:

    - search for your names of the custom folders
    - add this line in each custom folder section, replacing the xxxx with the Minor ID and the yyyy with the Major ID
    icon_file="Z:\resource\apps\Menu.mif" icon_skin_minor_id="xxxx" icon_skin_major_id="yyyy"

    Check the screenshot at the end of this post for an example of some custom folders and their appropiate UIDs. Take care to preserve the syntax (paste the line in the appropiate place, don't forget quotes, don't accidentaly delete the > or < signs etc.).

    Save the file.

    5. Test the new menu by uploading the file back to C:\Private\101F4CD2\Content\ and restarting your phone.

    If all went well and the custom folders are ok, you can insert it in your cfw; the file path is rofs2\private\101F4CD2\Content\. After flashing, the menu will have the order and custom icons you chosed; no need to waste time in arranging it after each flash.

    If the custom folders have the default icon, try another theme (the default 5800 theme doesn't seem to have icons for all custom folders). In general, all themes that use the 7 icon pack should show the custom icons.
    I understand N97 has a different file for the menu, so this may not work.
    You can choose the custom icons from another mif file also (with diff. icon themes included), but I don't know how to do it yet.
    I also attached my appshelldata.xml file. Test it, modify it, whatever; just backup your original one.

    Special Thanx to: coccolino_dbro
    Thanx also to: OMI

    Gruss Clusterhead


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  14. Skyboard

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    24. Nov. 2007
    die splashscreen.mif ist der blaue nokia schriftzug der als erstes kommt beim einschalten und befindet sich in resource/apps ! einfach gewünschte *.mif umbenennen und einbauen


  15. frank

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    11. Okt. 2006
    Hallo Leute,

    gibt es eine Möglichkeit, die Favoriten so anzupassen, dass die Ordner von Nokia endgültig weg sind, bzw eigene Favoriten dauerhaft hinzugefügt sind?

    Das würde ich noch gerne in einer CFW sehen, bzw. in meine einbauen.

    Danke für Infos

  16. waldameise

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    12. Apr. 2008
    einfach in den ordner data kopieren, editieren, bzw überschreiben
    dann haste keine favoriten, bookmarks
    also wenn du das überhaupt meinst,
    die datei ist für den internen s60 browser


  17. Clusterhead

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    Hallo Zusammen!
    Es ist ein neuer NokiaCooker erschienen!

    Hier der aktuelle Changelog:

    - Improved: ROFX Rebuild
    - Improved: Shows warning messages raised from the RofsBuild.exe command
    - Fixed: Some ROFS file were skipped during the Rebuild if the file was in a very long path like:
    "C:\Documents and Settings\Root\Desktop\NokiaCooker BETA 0.4.1\Files\private\10203636\security\trustroots\d evice\certificates\TMO_trusted_third_party_certifi cate.cer"

    Now it is possible to edit ROFS and UDA easily, using drag & drop.

    CORE and image can't be repacked yet!
    ROFx image can be repacked, but it HAS NOT BEEN TESTED YET!

    PLEASE NOTE: this tool is very easy to use, but it is always a tool for experts and smart people, it is not for everyone!
    If you remove or replace some critical system component, your phone will dead at 100%, you have to know exactly which is the purpose of the files that you remove/replace!

    ROFS Size: It is not safe to augment the ROFS size because it could brick your phone.
    For this reason, NokiaCooker will show you an error message in case that the original ROFS size has been augmented.
    So, if you add new files to the ROFS, you'll have to delete some other files, to properly repack the firmware.

    For the UDA, there isn't any size problem.

    Special Thanx to: Il Socio

    Download: FAQ4Mobiles - Downloads - NokiaCooker BETA 0.4.2 by Il Socio

    Gruss Clusterhead
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    7. Okt. 2007
    Danke für die Info Cluster.
    Werde es später mal testen, habe die letzten 3 Tage etwas beim renovieren in einem Gasthaus geholfen hatte daher wenig Zeit. Bin heute leider etwas ungeschickt mit meinem kelinen Finger unter die Schleifmaschine gekommen und bin auch noch etwas erkältet. Daher die ganze woche warscheinlich im Bett = mehr Zeit für CFW's :p
  19. Clusterhead

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    Hallo Zusammen!

    Ich habe hier eine Anleitung gefunden, mit der es möglich ist, Apps zu entfernen. Bisher wurde das wohl erst an einem N97 getestet und daher keine Gewähr, ob es auch beim 5800, X6, etc funktioniert!

    Hi together,
    so I had some time and here is an howto to remove nearly every app from your FW (I tested it only on n97 FW till now, so please give feedback Wink ):

    If you all should realized you are able to extract the CORE fils from the orig FW but you can't repack them.
    But if you extract then there is a folder rofs2\System\install.

    In this folder there are many *.sis files (which are stubs and they hold the files installed from the app).

    I have writte a tool after some reversing which should display all installed files of the requested app:
    Here is an example output of quickoffice (just type in cmd or bash, if cygwin is installed: installed_sis_cleaner.exe path-to-sis-stub-file):

    here is the output:

    $ installed_sis_cleaner.exe ../sis_stubs/quickoffice_stub.sis

    some kind of EOF??? (all stubs have the same value at end "04"): 00004D18
    end of header???: 000000BA
    jumping to end of header...
    jumping over magic string???...
    found first string-struct with orig size=0048 at offset: 0000014C
    String=z:\resource\plugins\ c
    String=z:\resource\apps\ c
    String=z:\resource\plugins\ces_qpdfdescriptorstub. rsc
    String=z:\resource\plugins\ces_pdffilterinfostub.r sc
    String=z:\private\10003a3f\import\apps\qo_filemana ger_reg.rsc
    String=z:\private\10003a3f\import\apps\quickpoint_ reg.rsc
    String=z:\private\10003a3f\import\apps\quicksheet_ reg.rsc
    String=z:\private\10003a3f\import\apps\quickword_r eg.rsc
    String=z:\private\10003a3f\import\apps\quickpdfstu b_reg.rsc
    String=z:\resource\plugins\ces_devicetransportdata .r*
    String=z:\resource\plugins\ces_filelistfmplugindat a.r*
    String=z:\resource\plugins\ces_qptdescriptordata.r *
    String=z:\resource\plugins\ces_pptfilterinfodata.r *
    String=z:\resource\plugins\ces_pptxfilterinfodata. r*
    String=z:\resource\plugins\ces_qshdescriptordata.r *
    String=z:\resource\plugins\ces_xlsfilterinfodata.r *
    String=z:\resource\plugins\ces_xlsxfilterinfodata. r*
    String=z:\resource\plugins\ces_qwddescriptordata.r *
    String=z:\resource\plugins\ces_txtfilterinfodata.r *
    String=z:\resource\plugins\ces_wrdfilterinfodata.r *
    String=z:\resource\plugins\ces_wrdxfilterinfodata. r*
    String=z:\resource\plugins\ces_qpdfdescriptorstubd ata.r*
    String=z:\resource\plugins\ces_pdffilterinfostubda ta.r*

    So what to do now?

    look in the extracted core-files (rofs2-folder) if the above files exists. If no file is located under core files you are able to completely remove the app by removing all files listed from the rofs2-folder of the orig FW.

    If even one file is located under CORE-FW-files just replace all files found in the core files by dummy-files (just write some "ffff" in a file and rename it to files above. Copy them to your extracted rofs2-folder from the orig FW (NOT TO THE CORE-FILES).
    For all apps that I tested so far, it was save to delete every file that was located under rofs2-folder (NOT CORE FILES) and just replace every file which is located under the CORE-FW-folder by the above mentioned dummies.

    Repack your FW and the app you wanted to delete should be away Wink

    P.S.: Please can you test the tool with some sis_stub files and give me feedback?
    Please keep in mind that this is an early alpha version, I will keep developing it as I have time and implement functions to automate the above mentioned steps, but first I would appreciate if someone would test it.

    -small fix which should find the files better (a.e. vlingo had problems with first version)

    FAQ4Mobiles - Downloads - CFW Cleaner Pack 1 + Alpha 1

    Special Thanx to: spamhere1983, OMI,

    Grruss Clusterhead
  20. über so einen ähnlichen ordner bin ich heute in der Schule gestolpert (vroteil wenn man ganz hinten sitzt) ich habe auch einen gefunden in dem die ganzen .sis Datein liegen, ich werde da mal ein bisschen rum probieren mal sehen was passiert.
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