Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 - OMEGA ROM Series [4.3][JellyBean]

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    Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 - OMEGA ROM Series [4.3][JellyBean]

    [ROM][XXUGML4|XXEMRG][08Jan] Omega v54|v50.1◄●4.3|4.1.2●►Omega Files|Themes◄●

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    Based on firmware XXUGML4 Android 4.3 (Date: 27/12/2013)
    Kernel Stock XXUGML4
    Modem DDUGML4
    Multi 131 csc set to EUR
    efs Backup (added the option to create efs backup during installation)
    Omegadroid Walk Bootanimation by Jorq1H and anbech
    Omegas Emblem Shutdown Animation by anbech
    Omegadroid wallpaper added in default wallpapers
    Floating Omegadroids by NadMaj
    Omega Files app
    init.d support without the need of a kernel that supports init.d
    Aroma installer - Installation is fully customizable by user and there is options to install everything or remove all Bloatware
    User can flash apps and bloat apps any time without the need to flash again the whole rom, (flashing the rom once is required)
    Full Wipe option
    Wipe cache partition automatic before roms installation
    Wipe Dalvik Cache automatic during installation
    Wipe preload partition automatic before roms installation
    Google apps:
    Android Camera with Photoshare
    Keyboard Android with Gesture Typing
    Keyboard with Emoji Support
    Google Clock
    Omegas addon applications:
    OmegaDroid - The official application of
    Es File Explorer (with great Root Explorer)
    Hide It Pro
    Download All Files
    FastDormancy Toggle for I9300 by gokhanmoral
    Flash player Support
    Multiwindow manager (xposed module)
    OnlineNandroidBackup credits to H3R3T1C and ameer1234567890
    Notification Manager by RYO Software - Omega Roms users can monitor 3 apps instead of 1, thanks and credits to bartito
    CPU Adjuster by bartito - xda thread
    Accounts Sync Profiler by bartito
    Recycle Bin by RYO Software
    Xposed Framework Installer by rovo89 - read more about Xposed here
    Boot sound
    Charger Connection Sound
    4-way reboot menu
    Email with Exchange Security Disabled
    Join more unlimited contacts in the contact app
    Battery % mod
    Call Recording
    Phone with no increasing ringtone
    No sms to mms conversion
    Unlimited contacts to sms - mms
    sms/mms Backup - Restore
    Increased sms hour limit to 1000
    Disabled scrolling cache
    Hide sms from call logs
    TW Launcher with scrolling wallpaper
    Join more unlimited contacts in the contacts
    Enable sub Symbols on Stock Samsung keyboard
    All supported languages enabled
    All supported languages for Samsung Keyboard enabled
    Camera shutter sound on-off
    Added exit menu to stock web browser
    Task manager shortcut app by indie
    build.prop tweaks
    Stock Theme Changes:
    Omega Theme for aroma installer by our artist anbech
    Black status bar
    Green Circle battery % icons
    Accuweather Widget transparent
    Rom is Deodexed + Rooted + Zipaligned

    Based on XXUGML4 Android 4.3 (Date: 27/12/2013)
    Kernel Stock XXUGML4
    Modem DDUGML4
    Es File Explorer
    Multi Windows Manager
    Online Nadroid Backup
    Recurrent Notification Manager
    All mods from previous Omega JB 4.3 versions added
    Rom is Deodexed + Rooted + Zipaligned
    Rom is No Full Wipe

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    Dieses ROM wird über CWM Recovery installiert, welches sich bereits auf dem Galaxy S3 befinden sollte.

    1. Make sure to make and keep in a safe place efs backup - nadroid backup - titanium backup - etc, in case you ever need to restore!

    2. Full wipe is needed if you are coming from another rom or stock firmware or Omega 4.1.2 versions

    3. If aroma installer freezes at the end of the installation, then power of device and then select reboot device from recovery, no need to flash rom again.

    4. If you are using CWM based recovery ignore "Disable Recovery Flash" and "Fix root (/system/xbin/su)" messages at all times, just select "NO", else selecting YES will break root.

    If you want to change lockscreen personal message make sure to include Samsung fonts during installation

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    bei der version .... OMEGA ROM v46.1 - XXUFME7 - JellyBean 4.2.2 ... habe ich nach installation kein empfang im handynetz.wenn ich das handy starte kommt die meldung das das ausgewählte netz nicht verfügbar ist....o2 (netzclub) in berlin nicht verfügbar?ein wenig unglaubwürdig
    kennt jemand das problem und kann mir weiterhelfen?

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    Wie hast Du die Rom geflashed ?


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    die zip datei aufn speicher...danach in recovery wipe....und dann die zip geladen und boot gemacht...

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    Versuch mal ne original fw zu flashen dann zu rooten und mit full wipe dann die rom zu installieren.

    Gesendet von meinem GT-I9505 mit Tapatalk 4

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    Versuche auch ein wipe/factory nach dem Flashe und auch Cache/dalvik formatieren.


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    Update auf v54 Android 4.3 in Post #1


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